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Personal Folder

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Personal Folder

Your Personal Folder is your own personal space in TUSK.  Use this space to link important and/or useful course materials for easy access.  You can link anything to your Personal Folder, from a particular slide to an entire slide collection to an entire course folder.

The access link to your Personal Folder is located on the TUSK homepage.


To link course content to your Personal Folder:

Step 1: Go to the content you wish to add to your Personal Folder.

Step 2: Select ‘My Folder’ from the TUSK Tool Kit.

Step 3: From the drop-down, select where you would like to added the content to in your Personal Folder (if pre-existing folder had already been created) or select ‘Add New Folder’.


Step 4: Click ‘Save’.  You will be redirected to your Personal Folder once the content is saved.

What else can I do in my Personal Folder?

Rename personal folders:

Step 1: Type directly into the text box for the folder title.

Step 2: Click ‘Rename’.

Adding/Saving notes to personal folders:

Step 1: Click ‘Add Note’ to the folder you wish to add a note to.

Step 2: Type your note in the available textbox.

Step 3: Click ‘Save Note’.

*Note: There is no limit to how much content and folder are in your Personal Folder.

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