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Saving and/or Submitting Course Evaluations

Student evaluations collected by TUSK are anonymous. Student names are never identified.

Viewing Evaluations

Once logged into the TUSK, current course evaluation(s) can be viewed. The link(s) is located in Evaluations section in the far left column on the TUSK homepage. Evaluations are posted for a specific time period. Be sure to complete evaluations while posted!

Completing Evaluations

There are two options when completing an online evaluation:

Save Responses

By selecting the Save Responses option from the evaluation form's dropdown menu, a student may set aside a partially completed evaluation and return to it later. The evaluation will be stored in a secure area that only the student has access to.

Submit Responses

Once the evaluation is complete, select the Submit Responses option from the drop-down menu. Once the page reloads, the student will receive an acknowledgment (receipt) that the evaluation has been which is printable. Also, the student will receive an email copy of the receipt to their email account which is associated to their TUSK account.

The Evaluation History link located in the first column lists available and completed evaluations.

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